Small Beginnings

This is how it all began

My name is Debbie Parker, and I created this blog to share with you my clay journey.

Back to the Beginning

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin...” Zechariah 4:10a

It all started in college

I was an Art Education major and we took a variety of art classes. I took drawing, painting, fiber arts, and then I took pottery. I fell in love! I enjoyed the entire process, I even enjoyed how the wet clay feels when I'm working with it. My favorite part was working on the pottery wheel. I learned everything I could, helping the teacher and practicing as much as time would allow. I wanted to be able to become a potter, but money just wouldn't allow. My specialty was print making, so soon I had to move on from pottery and finish my degree. I taught elementary school art for two years, then along came my firstborn son. I decided to stay home and devote the next 20 years or so to raising and homeschooling both of my sons. I pushed aside my dreams of becoming a potter, and didn't have much time to create any art during this time so part of me felt like it was dying.

The Dream Begins

Then a few years ago our pastor preached a sermon about our dreams and how we need to pursue them because God placed them in our hearts. My husband decided to do his best to make sure my dream would be realized. He took the next six months to try to see if it was possible to make an inexpensive pottery wheel. During that time I decided to make art from recycled materials and start selling them on Etsy. I used vegetable cans to make dragonfly sculptures and wall art. I also used old magazines to make "paper paintings." Each time I sold a piece of art I used it to save for parts for the pottery wheel and eventually my husband did build me a pottery wheel from wood and an old treadmill! Now my dream can start to become a reality...from small beginnings!

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