The Wait

Having a dream is just a start and it can be hard to wait and believe a dream can become reality!

Making the best of things

Doing my Part

In order to be able to become a potter, I needed a potter's wheel and my husband set out to learn how to make me one! Have you ever seen how expensive they are? I can tell you that they are expensive enough for my husband to try to make one. He did a massive about of reading and research. He watched countless YouTube videos. He decided to try to make it using the motor from a used treadmill.

In the mealtime I kept on making art from recycled materials and anything I had on hand. I listed them on Etsy and occasionally sold something! Each time I sold something paid for another part we needed for the pottery wheel!

So my husband built the body of the pottery wheel from wood, and even used wood for the wheel head. He used the motor from a treadmill and varies parts from the hardware store, and even the feed and seed store! All in all it took him 6 months to complete the wheel in time to give it to me for Christmas!

It seemed like forever to wait

Six months now doesn't seem like a long time, but back then it seemed like forever, mostly because I was excited that my dream might actually come true! Now that I have a pottery wheel the fun can begin!

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