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“Look to combine beauty with function in a pot” - Bernard Leach

I am not alone

Well, as I mentioned before, I started learning to throw from YouTube videos. I'm very grateful to all the people kind enough to take the time and effort to record teaching videos! BUT when I couldn't get the technique mastered, I had no one in person to see what I was doing wrong and help me correct it. There were days that were disheartening because I wouldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

The Hobby Potter Life

I found Tammy Jo's YouTube Channel called The Hobby Potter Life. Here Tammy Jo Schoppet chronicled her clay journey and challenged herself to make at least one cup every day for a year. She posted the videos and shared her ups as well as her downs. She also published her cup challenge in book form: “365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup – A Day – A Year.”

This was encouraging! She was just like me, teaching herself from watching many of the same teachers as I was! Then I discovered that she started a facebook group The Hobby Potter Life. I joined the group and was now a part of a pottery community! Everyone was so supportive and helpful! They helped me with the issues that I just couldn't master on my own! For the first time I started making real progress and I was no longer alone! Thank you so much Tammy Jo Schoppet for creating such a supportive place for potters to connect, share and help one another!

If you would like to purchase the book, watch the videos or join the facebook group, please simply click on the links below.

Tammy Jo's YouTube Channel

“365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup – A Day – A Year.”

The Hobby Potter Life

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